Success is built on trust, and trust starts with transparency

"I launched iHug, LLC in 2017 as a TNC company. After a year of experiencing the road blocks, the company failed. So, in May 2018, I started a new company by developing software that I believe could save local healthcare transportation companies and began partnering with influential companies allowing them to leverage the intellectual property I've developed. These companies have agreed to join iHug.

Every individual that I've come to know in the healthcare transportation industry over the last year work very hard to serve others. These are amazing people who aren't just out there to do a job, they want to change the world by making a difference in people's lives.

These individuals will serve others with any tools they can get their hands on, and I believe iHug has successfully developed the tools they can use. Our new software tools include self-booking, payment processing, GPS tracking, auto-receipts, a wheelchair app and driver app.

I hope this will be the beginning steps to a more positive community oriented transportation system, and opens up more transportation options for the people. To help in the collective effort of preventing long term illness that some develop by missing appointments.

By trusting one another, we can achieve a more sustainable healthcare transportation system that cures the 3.6 million missed appointments each year and over $150 billion in wasted healthcare expenditures for seniors, patients and people who need help during the most volunerable point in their life.

I invite you to sign up, and use the tools that we've developed. Together we can move society to a healthier, happier and more connected place. This is just the beginning, and I'm excited to see a positive impact for everyone. "

With Love,

Adam John