Open Letter - COVID-19 Pandemic


Hello World,

As always, iHug is focused on the health and well-being of our business owners, their customers and our communities. Together, we are facing an unprecedented world event, and we want to provide our assistance.

Before I dive into our three-part approach to prevention, I want the world to know our hearts go out to those who've suffered from the outbreak of the COVID-19, also known as the Coronavirus. We extend our genuine and wholly heartfelt wishes to those effected, and hope that they have the opportunity to fully recover with efforts from our brave, selfless and dedicated healthcare professionals across the globe.

In line with state and federal guidance, and with an abundance of caution and in the best interest of our community, we are asking our businesses to flex the power of iHug's software, and provide services to include but not limited to senior care, meal and supply delivery services. Our businesses will start communicating with local senior homes, hospitals and other organization that need assistance and supplies.

Our approach addresses three major concerns:

Firstly, as a society, we want to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. Having the proper supplies delivered and readily available will help suppress the virus. As reported, seniors have limited to no supplies, and hospitals are depleting their stock piles, including but not limited to gloves, respiratory masks, anti-bacterial hand sanitizers and other suppressive products to address the spread of the virus.

Secondly, quarantine initiatives should be among everyone's top priorities. Staying in your home and sanitized will dramatically isolate the Coronavirus, and prevent it from spreading. Having groceries, medical supplies, and other products delivered, prevents families, and medical staff from having to run to the store, which exposes them and spreads the virus.

Thirdly, keeping our economy strong by empowering local businesses is a must. Our businesses are reviewing and considering having their drivers / workers converted to delivery workers. The drivers / workers will be required to wear respiratory masks, gloves and other wearables while delivering food and supplies to seniors, hospitals and the community where needed.

We believe this three-part solution solves many problems that are being created by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Finally, and most importantly, we are supporting our local communities where we live and work, by making philanthropic donations across the globe through various local, national and international non-profit organizations including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the American Red Cross to combat the Coronavirus.

We will continue providing updates as information is made available, please check iHug’s website for updates.

On behalf of iHug, and our community of businesses, we encouage you to take care of yourselves, your families, and your communities.

With Love,


Healthcare for Everyone, Anywhere