Open Letter We Welcome All Providers


Dear iHug Community,

As the brick and mortar approach to healthcare transitions into on-demand mobile applications. You are more valuable than you think, and here at iHug, we cherish every effort you make. There are patients waiting for you right now, who can’t access healthcare. Only you can make it possible for them.

I founded iHug after I lost my Grandmother and Uncle to health complications because they couldn’t afford health insurance. I promised them before they passed, that before my time is up, I would make instant access to healthcare possible for Everyone, Anywhere.

By joining iHug, you will be part of a community we think is special. The iHug Brand is about celebrating people and their life. That is who we are. Together, we will help people live longer, live healthier and live happier. That is what we do. We want everyone to spend more time with their loved ones, that is our passion.

iHug is an extension of our hearts, of our creative and different thinking. We want you to do some of the best work of your life at iHug. Together, we can make instant access to healthcare possible. Thank you for your time.

With Love,

Healthcare for Everyone, Anywhere