Open Letter Privacy


Dear iHug Community,

For the first time, I am disclosing our stance and views on privacy. Privacy has always been a hot topic of discussion during large forums and collectively throughout the world. iHug strongly believes in deep privacy protocol. In today's ever growing world of technology and the cloud, it's vitally important large corporations take an active role in promoting, developing and investing in privacy.

We also believe these same corporations should not only advocate for the deepest level of privacy protocol, they should also demonstrate privacy through their own internal operations. It's critically important that every entity, set privacy protocols with the highest level of transparency. They must discuss, disclose and educate people on how, when and where they will use someone's information.

iHug understands that technology can genuinely enrich someone's life, and the more information the user provides, the more we learn about the user. It is with that information we can tailor our products and services to the individual user. By having access to such information, we can proactively fulfill a demand while simultaneously offer more value to the iHug community.

iHug's core belief in privacy is very simple.

Every time a user submits a request, which contains personal identifiable information and GPS location. We will repeatedly ask for permission, in simple and easy to understand terms. We will also disclose how, when and where their information is being deployed within the iHug App.

I hope this sets the bar for the future of iHug. We also have a privacy page you can visit: READ OUR PRIVACY POLICY


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