Open Letter In Honor Of Steve Paul Jobs


Dear iHug Community,

Steve Jobs was my role model. He always wanted to enrich our lives by intersecting technology with humanist elements. He empowered us all to use our imagination, and to bring that imagination to life through computers. He revolutionized storytelling and encouraged us to laugh with happiness through Pixar. He gave us the iPod, so our souls can dance. He changed the world.

I worked at Apple during the time Steve had returned. He had redesigned the iMac, and was at his peak in his career. I wanted to be part of it. Steve inspired me to work for him. He believed in me, before I believed in myself. It was a time in my life I will forever hold close to my heart. Through his belief, I am re-imagining healthcare. The iHug Ecosystemâ„¢ is the world first quadrilateral heuristic healthcare app.

There was one particular core value that Steve instilled in Apple. It was the fundamental belief that, "people with passion can change the world." He was right, he was one of those people, and so am I. He transformed the entire direction of the world. He devoted his life to people, their happiness and gave us all better lives through technology.

I am honored to say that it was that belief, that gave life to iHug. We will forever be grateful. As part of our dedication to Steve, we are launching our iOS Healthcare App on the Apple App Store first. We are very proud, and we owe it all to Steve Jobs. Thank you Steve.

With Love,


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