Open Letter Something Special


Dear iHug Community,

Over the last several years, we've spent thousands of hours planning, engineering and patenting the iHug Ecosystem™. I truly believe we have something special, innovative, intuitive and revolutionary.

It's amazing, when people come together for a noble cause, magic happens. We’ve not only developed a product, we developed a tool. A tool that offers people robust health. So that people can take control of their health. It simplifies complex problems and makes it easy for everyone. It's like nothing you've experienced, and I want everyone to try it.

Very few companies are gifted with a product that has the potential to transform entire industries, while having a profound and positive impact on the world. Whether that opens the doors to new ideas, creates new markets and jobs or changes the direction of society. I believe our company has boundless potential and we're working around the clock to deliver the best app you've ever experienced.

In order to deliver a great experience and mobile application, we've created an extremely demanding environment here at iHug. Good is the enemy of great, the reason something is not great is because it's just good. I strongly feel you must deliver perfection and creativity to make something great.

We want the smartest minds to join us, but being smart isn't good enough. You have to possess humanitarian principals, because being smart doesn't matter if you don't use it to help people. Here at iHug we all love what we do! We love working together to make healthcare accessible to everyone, anywhere. That's what makes our company great!

With Love,


Healthcare for Everyone, Anywhere